The capability fund is now open to applications from organisations wanting to improve their capacity and develop skills and confidence in Strength Based practice as well as Results Based practice, (also known as PCOMS ( Partners for Change Outcome Management System) or Client Directed, Outcome Informed practice (CDOI))


PCOMS is an outcomes focused, client rated system that results in better client outcomes and encourages clients to have greater input and influence in their recovery, including decisions and progress relating to their recovery. For more information on PCOMS click here. PCOMS Summary 080814

Research tells us that when the client is central and their perspective of the problem, their goals and expectations, their view of the change process, their desired pace for tthe work they are doing, and their relationship with the practitioner are all allowed to influence and guide the recovery process, the outcome is more effective, efficient and sustainable.
If you are interested in finding more about the two training packages please click here