The short 4 minute movie called ?Money – Making Change?? features participants of the Good Cents financial literacy training programme which supports community awareness and a culture of change in a community where debt can mean interest rates of 400% or more.

Wesley?s Good Cents Co-ordinator, Matt Crawhaw said that the people in the video are the real heroes, ?they are the people who had the courage to make their stories count. They talk openly about their money worries, the impact of high interest loans, and the effects of borrowing on their families.?

The movie was produced by Wiremu Grace and features a sound track called ?Making Change? especially written and performed by Ari Watene. ?Both Wiremu and Ari have been past participants of the Good Cents programme and were so inspired by it that they contributed their time and skills to make this very memorable little movie.

Wiremu commented that to produce such a short movie required a lot of hard editing, ?There are a lot of really worthwhile stories that? were left out, simply because we did not have the space, however one day perhaps we can produce a longer documentary. There are lots of stories here that are worth telling.?