The Fruit and Vege Cooperative was a joint enterprise involving Wesley Community Action, Regional Public Health, The Salvation Army and Corina School.

Regional Public Health assisted in a variety of ways, including the provision of yummy recipies and tips for healthy eating. They also conducted comprehensive surveys of participants which showed the value of the trial;

  • 29% of participating households had annual income of  less than $20,000.
  • 59.46% of participants admitted that in the 12 months before the trial, they had either often, or frequently gone without fresh fruit and vegetables in order to pay for something else.
  • 32% of respondents joined the Fruit and Vege cooperative to help their family eat healthy food, while 35.6% joined to save money.
  • After participating in the trial, 31% of respondents noted the fruit and vege co-op had saved them money
  • 91% of respondents ordered their fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis during the trial
  • After the trial 63% said they now had a high fruit intake of 3 or more servings per day.
  • 26.7% noted the food co-op helped their family eat healthy food
  • 54% said they sometimes used the recipes provided and 95.6% wanted the provision of recipes to continue. Favourite recipes were; Broccoli Quiche, Cauliflower bake, Curried cauliflower, kumara soup and leek and potato soup.

Comments in the survey summed up the benefits:

“means we can cook healthy much more cheaply and when we get more than we need,  we can share with others.”

“The best value ever!”
“I am excited to come and pick up my pack each week.”

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