Supporting young adults who are in court with offences related to drug and alcohol issues, WATCH offers them what is often the last opportunity to make improvements in their lives and help to mitigate their possible sentence. The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Social Development, Department of Justice and Capital Coast DHB.

By introducing a system designed to provide client feedback and privilege the clients’ voice, Wesley Community Action was able to monitor progress by clients towards achieving their goals, and improved client satisfaction from  25% of clients to 60% of clients. This increase ‘in achieving their goals,’ has resulted in many moving into employment or training programmes

Wesley also found it had reduced the number of clients dropping out or leaving the service, from 39% to just 9%.

Wesley had been providing the WATCH  in Porirua and Wellington District Courts for over five years and had the same worker for the last three years with the same theories, models and techniques and similar clients.  “The only difference was that when we focussed on introducing PCOMS for work with these clients, the results have been really exciting,” said Robyn Pope, Wesley’s Practice Manager.

The system that Wesley introduced is called PCOMs (The Partners for Change Outcome Management System), which;

  • Uses simple sliding scales to solicit client feedback on factors proven to predict success, regardless of treatment model or the presenting problem.
  • Provides objective, quantifiable data on the effectiveness of providers and systems of care.
  • Provides a formalised mechanism for client preferences to guide the choice of intervention
Detailed Results

Engagement:  In 2014 (January 1 – July 30) 61% of client engaged in the service for more than one session. Since August 2014 (PCOMS) the number of clients engaging increased to 95%.

Achievement of Goals: In 2014 ( January 1 – July 20) 19 clients  had their cases closed with 25% of Tauira reaching clinically significant change on their ORS scores ( an increase of 6 points or more). Since August 2014 (PCOMS) the number of closed cases that had reached clinically significant change increased to 60%.

Overall; since PCOMS was fully implemented at WATCH, we have reduced the number of people dropping out or exiting the service early –from 39% to 9% and have more than doubled the number of people that achieved all of their goals.


By ensuring Wesley’s focus is on the key predictors of good client outcomes, we are supporting our clients to achieve their goals sooner. We are also supporting staff with a professional development tool and supporting the organisation to work smarter. All this has been done from the client’s perspective – not ours”, says Robyn.


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