About Wesley Community Action

Established in 1952 by the Methodist Church, Wesley Community Action has been pioneering innovative approaches to social justice and  quietly helping create just and caring communities ever since.

Wesley Community Action is;

  • Passionate – about social change – we don’t separate helping  individuals from working towards wider social, political and economic transformation.
  • Biased – we believe in all peoples capacity to contribute to their wellbeing,  tend to work with people with the least voice or power. We believe the Treaty of Waitangi is important to positively shape the lives of all New Zealanders now and in the future.
  • Practical – we get stuck in where we see a need, are grounded – we know our areas of expertise and limitations, we laugh a lot, we enjoy what we do, value partnerships and are optimistic.

Our Methodist Heritage

The Methodist Movement was formed by John Wesley (1703 - 1791.)  Wesley was an Anglican cleric who had become increasingly concerned that the Church was out of touch with the needs of the poor and marginalised during Britain's industrial age. Read more


Our Newsletters and enews can keep you up to date with our news.  Here is the most recent example of a non digital Newsletter, however if you want to keep up with our news, we recommend that you 'sign up' to receive our enews (in the panels below.) May 2013 Newsletter Read more

The Wesley Way

At Wesley we strive to be  "the best at bringing out the best'.

Read more

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