Wesley’s WATCH initiative operates out of Porirua District Court to provide intensive support to prevent young offenders going to prison. Previously under threat of closure due to funding cuts,  a recent reprieve from funders and the introduction of new client led monitoring systems, has revitalised WATCH and achieved some great results.


In late 2014, Wesley’s Cannons Creek Community team tested a Fruit and Vegetable co-operative aimed at providing cheap, healthy food to the residents of Eastern Porirua where 29% of participating households had annual  income of  less than $20,000.

The co-operative was an immediate success. After an initial weekly order of 40 vegetable parcels, demand quickly grew and peaked at just over 200 parcels per week (each parcels consists of an average of 9kg of vegetables and fruit at a cost to participants of $10 per parcel.)

For many years we have provided emergency food parcels through our Cannons Creek community centre, and even in relatively ‘good’ economic times we were surprised to see demand constantly increasing.