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Community. Compassion. Change We believe in the power of the Community, we are motivated by Compassion, and seek lasting transformative Change. We work in communities across the wider Wellington region with all ages and needs.

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Real Talk parenting course makes a real difference

Christine Remuera’s great-granddaughter no longer gets lollies and money as rewards for getting dressed in the morning or putting away her school bag when she gets home. Instead, the five-year-old, who lives with Christine several days a week, can choose different rewards, such as spending more time in the park or taking a friend with her to the pool. And the results from such a small change have been amazing. “It’s so good, the house is so peaceful,” says Christine (pictured with her great-grand-daughter), who took part in Wesley Community Action’s first Real Talk parenting course which finished on June 26. The six-week course also helped Christine appreciate the benefits of spending even small amounts of focused time with a child. “I learned how to be an active parent, not just passing them off and saying ‘go and do something else’. What’s 10 or 15 minutes a day?” In fact, Christine found the Real Talk parenting course so useful she encouraged two of her grandchildren, both of whom have young children, to sign up for the second course. The next course will start on October 16. Real Talk was developed by Wesley Waitangirua staff members Lizzie Makalio and Rosa Ariu. It was inspired by the Incredible Years parenting course which Wesley ran for several years but it’s shorter – six weeks instead of 15 – and it’s been refocused to meet the needs of parents and grandparents living in the Porirua area. “It’s about taking parenting classes designed for the Brady Bunch and delivering them to the Hekes,” says Lizzie. The course covers a range of topics, including the difference between discipline and punishment, and the importance of praising good behaviour rather than focusing on bad behaviour. “A lot of the whānau don’t want to praise, they see it as a bit fluffy and upper-class. So we look at why children need to be praised, and how it lifts their self-esteem.” Real Talk is the first programme being funded by a three-year grant from the JR McKenzie Trust to help ensure children in eastern Porirua have happy, healthy childhoods and their parents, carers and extended whanau experience being part of a caring and supportive community. For more information about Real Talk contact Wesley Waitangirua: 04 235 5750

News alert: Pay equity for Oranga Tamariki social workers

26 September 2018 The Methodist Alliance welcomes the landmark pay equity deal for Oranga Tamariki social workers but ask is it really pay equity when social workers in community organisations working alongside Oranga Tamariki have been left out of the agreement. The three Missions –  Wesley Community Action, Christchurch Methodist Mission and Lifewise  – are significant providers of support to families, youth and children under Oranga Tamariki contracts. Collectively they have a significant number of social workers working with Oranga Tamariki. Moira Lawler, Chief Executive of Lifewise notes the irony of the approach: “Social workers are a family of professionals trained to help people achieve justice – and this is not just.” “Our social workers are skilled, passionate and committed. They do the same hard graft Oranga Tamariki staff do, they shouldn’t be disadvantaged for choosing to work with a community organisation,” says Lawler. Jill Hawkey, Executive Director of Christchurch Methodist Mission, says making community organisations wait nine months risks creating an exodus from the very partners Oranga Tamariki needs. “NGOs are crucial to achieving the change and innovation we all need to improve the outcomes for whānau and children,” says Hawkey. Although Minister Tracey Martin has directed Oranga Tamariki to work with the community sector to report on the potential impact, the Missions are concerned how this will happen. “We are not reassured by this,” says David Hanna, Director of Wesley Community Action. “It was clear what the impact would be from the start. We are calling on the PSA and other unions, and the government to do the right thing now.” ___

What's on at Wesley Rata Village

December 2018

What’s on at Rātā Village in December

Ageing Well Coffee Group

Xxam to xxpm, Monday December 3, location Xxam to xxpm, Monday December 17, location

Ageing Well Group

10am to 2pm, Tuesday December 4, location 10am to 2pm, Tuesday December 11, location 10am to 2pm, Tuesday December 18, location

Rātā Playgroup

10am to 12pm Tuesday December 4, Rec Hall 10am to 12pm, Tuesday December 11, Rec Hall.

Seniors Club

12pm to 2.30pm, Wednesday December 5, Community room 12pm to 2.3pm, Wednesday December 12, Community Room

Naenae Forest Playgroup

9.30-11.30 , Thursday December 6, Meet at Rec Hall 9.30 to 11.30, Thursday December 20, meet at Rec Hall