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Incredible Years

A  powerful training programme to support and grow parenting skills

One of the things we all have in common as parents is that we want the best for our children

Being a parent has lots of ups and downs. Sometimes the challenge can feel too much, you simply run out of ideas or energy.

The Ministry of Education and Wesley Community Action work in partnership to provide Incredible Years parenting programme free to parents and care-givers.

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Funding information

Ministry of Education
100% funded

The Incredible Years training programme

For 15 weeks participants will meet with other parents of children aged 3-8 years   guided by two skilled tutors. The weekly sessions are  2 ½ hours long and help with childcare and travel is available.

You will learn practical step by step suggestions to handle everyday situations in family life including:

  • Handling challenging behavior
  • Problem solving
  • Praise & rewards
  • How to play with your child
  • Effective limit setting

Learn about what you can do to make parenting fun and enjoyable.


The Porirua team

Phone:  04 237 7923

206 Mungavin Ave,
Cannons Creek,

The Waitangirua Team

Phone: Lizzie McMillan – 04 235 5750

Waitangirua Mall,
3 Niagara Street. Waitangirua.

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