What we do . Wellington Regional Fruit and Vegetable Co-op

Wellington Regional Fruit and Vegetable Co-op

Providing cheap, healthy produce throughout the Wellington region

The Wellington Regional Fruit and Vege Co-op is New Zealand’s largest community fruit and vegetable co-op. It delivers 9 tonnes of fresh produce to 1400 households every week.

Participants pay $12 for one bag of fruit and one bag of vegetables. The cost of the same vegetables in a supermarket would be at least $22.

The co-op is a partnership between Wesley Community Action and Regional Public health.

It began as a pilot programme in Cannons Creek in 2014 as a way of providing cheap, healthy produce to people living in an area with no local supermarket. It now has 10 packing hubs throughout the greater Wellington region.

To find out where the 10 packing hubs are and how to sign up to receive your $12 bags of produce, go to the Regional Public Health website.

Fruit & Vege Co-op switches to returnable cloth bags

On October 2 2018 the co-op started making the switch from plastic bags to returnable cloth bags. The change is expected to save 114,000 single use plastic bags every year.

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Fruit & Vege Co-op Co-ordinator

Sallie Calvert


027 599 7000

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