Research tells us that ‘what’ we do has minimal impact on good outcomes, but ‘how’ we do it, makes a significance impact.  The is why we pay close attention to ‘how’ we work.  We call it our ‘Wesley Way’.

Our Wesley Way draws on years of experience with strength based practice and informs this by significant research findings on what actually  works in practice.  The resulting “Wesley Way” poster highlights our unique way of working.

The Wesley Way

 Strengths Based Practice

Strength Based practice encourages people’s ability to be their own agents of change by creating conditions that enable them to control and direct the process of change. It creates conditions that enable people to identify and mobilise their strengths and capacities in the process of change.

Strength Based practice provides resources in a way that compliments people’s existing strengths as opposed to compensating for deficits. It  acknowledges and addresses power imbalances between those we work with.

* In using the term ‘Strength Based’ WCA acknowledges the support and resources of the St Luke’s organisation, Australia.

Partners for Change Outcome  Management System (PCOMS – also referred to as CDOI)

At WCA we have a set of processes that ensure we stay true to the strength based approach and these include using client feedback processes such as PCOMS (or Partners for Change Outcome Management System) previously known as CDOI (or Client Directed Outcome Informed), to ensure the client directs and manages the process of change.

Research shows us that the client’s own rating of the alliance or relationship is the best single predictor of outcomes, and yet it is the most ignored. We tend to spend all our time, energy and money on developing new ways of relating to clients, new programmes and new therapies when the key predictor is right in front of us.

When we ensure the client directs the process of change and match the way we work with the way they feel most comfortable…. that is when amazing things can happen.

To learn more about the Wesley Way and training options, contact our Practice Manager.


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