Save the date: People’s Voices, 4 March 2020

Our systems fail too many whānau.

The People’s Voices forum is a unique opportunity for people who work in all the systems that are intended to help people who are struggling.  It’s an opportunity to listen to the voices of people the systems are meant to be helping. On the people’s own terms.

Facilitated by Wesley Community Action, with support from Supreme Court Judge Joe Williams and Children’s Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft, the People’s  Voices forum will give funders, policymakers and decision makers a chance to listen, with the agenda set by the people themselves.  What insights do they bring that can inform solutions to our inter-connected social problems?

Their message is clear:

You call us “hard to reach”.

So we are reaching out to you.

The system is failing us, we want to share how we are trying to respond positively …

It’s time that we talked, and you listened.

When:  9am to 1pm, Wednesday 4 March, 2020

Where: Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua

More details to come in early 2020.

Register your interest now – email