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"I love the interaction with the groups that come.  I enjoy inspiring them to start their own gardens.  I think of this as a teaching garden and I enjoy being a part of that."

- Shona, Community Garden Volunteer

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"I love coming here.  It’s more than 40 years now.  It doesn’t really matter how many years now, it could be yesterday couldn’t it?"

- Avis, Wesleyhaven Village Volunteer

Your financial support is extremely valuable to us in our quest to bring out the best in the people and the communities we work with.

We often struggle to fund innovative social services in their early stages. Your donations can help innovative social initiatives to ‘get off the ground’ until such time as they attract more secure  funding.

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A powerful donation is a monthly one.  You can make a big difference and keep control of the frequency and donation amount for yourself.  Simply set up a regular donation into the account listed below.

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If you want to discuss giving money for any specific part of our work please contact us and we can arrange this, otherwise you can make a general donation to support our work.

Tax rebates are available on all donations to Wesley Community Action

Wesley Community Action is a registered NZ charity. NZ Charity #40339. Individuals are able to claim 33.3% rebate for donations made up to a maximum claim equal to their annual taxable income. Companies are able to deduct the full amount of any donation, limited only by the net income of the company.