What we do . Cannons Creek community pantry and gardens

Cannons Creek community pantry and gardens

What was traditionally called a ‘food bank’ has  evolved into a community pantry where volunteers work in the gardens to grow vegetables that supplement emergency food parcels for the community.

Growing self reliance & vegetables

Cannons Creek ‘Community Pantry’ is a place where people  come to grow  fruit and vegetables, share their skills and learn about gardening, cooking and healthy eating, while building social skills, confidence and strong community links.

What started as  one small garden at the rear of WCA’s Cannons Creek offices has now spread to over 60 other gardens in the community totaling over 200 sq metres. This initiative has been supported by grants from the Ministry for the Environment, Dove Charitable Trust, and Mana Community Trust.

Cannons Creek Community Pantry update – December 2014.

Cannons Creek Vegetable Cooperative

The Wesley Cannons Creek Vegetable Cooperative started in June 2014 as a trial based on the successful Christchurch model and has found considerable demand.  The $12 weekly bags of healthy vegetables encourage healthy eating and generate savings for over 120 families each week.

This initiative is supported by the Salvation Army and Corina School. A Titahi Bay distribution centre is currently under investigation.

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To order from the Wesley Cannons Creek (Porirua) Vegetable Cooperative click on the link below:

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Wesley Cannons Creek

Phone: (04) 237 7923
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