What we do . Good food at Wesley House in Cannons Creek

Good food at Wesley House in Cannons Creek

Community Pantry

If you’re in need of some kai to get you through the week, pop in to our community pantry at Wesley House in Cannons Creek for a no-stress, no-guilt food parcel.

When: 9.30am to 12pm,  Monday and Thursday

Growing and learning māra

Our garden is a resource for the whole community – we love seeing everyone get their hands dirty. Come along to our twice-weekly
working bees or get in touch to find out how we can manaaki your group in our garden.

When: Tuesday and Thursday 10.00am to 12.00pm

Hauora Kai Co-op

Get cheap, fresh and healthy kai in Porirua East every week. You pay just $12 for a great selection of produce.

When: Every Tuesday

To order from the Hauora Kai Co-op click on the link below:

Join the co-op now

Find us

Wesley House Cannons Creek

P: 385 3727 Extension 4
E: wesleyhouse@wesleyca.org.nz

206 Mungavin Avenue
Cannons Creek
PO Box 53 050
Porirua, 5024