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Good Cents

The Good Cents initiative in Porirua addresses the high levels of debt and high-interest loans that exist in the communities that can least afford them.

From discussion and support groups to budgeting advice

Good Cents supports community awareness and a culture of change in a community where debt can mean interest rates of 400% or more.

The Good Cents initiative provides practical community based support and education so that people can gain more control over their personal finances.

The 8-week courses are free and run once a term on Tuesdays between 10am and 12pm.

To find out more about the Good Cents programme contact the team at Cannons Creek: 04 237 7923 

Good Cents: helping to build financial wellbeing in Porirua

Good Cents is one of several community-led initiatives featured in a video produced by the Commission for Financial Capability.

It looks at what’s happening at Wesley House in Cannons Creek to help build financial wellbeing in Porirua.

Watch the video.

Good Cents – Making Change

“I’ve learned how to still have a bit of money at the end of the week. It’s not a lot but I’m doing it.”

Check out our video, Making Change, which looks at the impact that doing the 8-week Good Cents course has on people’s lives.

Watch Making Change

Good Cents Community Hui May 2018

In May 2018 we hosted a hui to look at what the Good Cents programme has achieved and where it should go next. You can check out the highlights in this YouTube video

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