What we do . Waka Tauira: Hard to Reach Whanau

Waka Tauira: Hard to Reach Whanau

Supporting pro-social initiatives and positive leadership for a better future

Some groups of people who who have experienced hard times self-organise into strong groups to help create a sense of belonging through shared experience

These groups can carry anger and fear with mainstream society who they experience have being unfair to them and struggle to fit in and ‘play’ by the rules.  These groups and the families that have been created around them experience significant life hurdles.  These groups are commonly referred to as ‘gangs’ and are also referred to as ‘hard to reach’ due to the reluctance to engage with any mainstream service.

Over many years through its desire to bring out the best in people, commitment to respectful relationships and biases towards groups on the margins – Wesley has formed positive relationships across some of these communities (notably members of the Mongrel Mob and Black Power communities).  The developing respectful relationships between Wesley and members of these communities have led to joint initiatives supporting leadership within these communities to lead pro-social change.

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What we aim to achieve

  1. build on its common identity to strengthen positive pro-whanau actions
  2. increase the level and breadth of networks between Black Power and key groups that can support their health and well-being (health, employment, education organizations)
  3. develop their existing skills and strengths to enhance resilience and employment prospects.

It is anticipated that working with these ‘hard to reach communities’ to achieve these aims will  help to reduce the level of violence within the communities and whanau, reduce  negative behaviour (often linked to drugs and alcohol), and reduce the level of offending.

It is hoped that WCA’s ‘hard to reach community’ initiatives will weaken these negatives and produce positive ripples that will flow into the wider community.

Waka Tauira

Phone: (04) 802.4672
Email: msmith@wesleyca.org.nz

75 Taranaki St,
Wellington, 6141.

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